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C4F in VS2008 Express


i have noticed that the C4F tools appear to be re-added to my development tool bar everytime i restart the Visual Studio C# Express IDE. i have deleted them earlier today but they have now returned. Approximately 4 duplicates entries of the tools appear in succession which is the number of times i have started the IDE this afternoon.
This duplication is appearing under all C4F headings - Communication - Vista API's - Utilities
Can you advise how to stop this please ?
If anyone else has reported this but i have missed it please accept my apologies.


scotti2427 wrote Oct 22, 2008 at 9:49 PM

Im having exactly the same problem.

Each time I start VS or VB express a new set of controls is added to the toolbox. Im getting a little tired of having to delete them everytime now.

Anyone had any luck with getting this sorted?


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