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Possible Source Contribution for Widcomm Bluetooth

Mar 8, 2008 at 3:58 AM
I'm working on a managed interop assembly for the Widcomm bluetooth apis in C++/CLI and am interested in contributing to the bluetooth portion of the C4Fdevkit. Is this something that is encouraged? So far I've only ported the discovery, bonding and FTP portions and created a few test projects that interact with the low-level interop assembly directly, but I would like to unify both bluetooth stacks under the C4F bluetooth api and get it out there for others to use.

Also, the license tab is pretty vague. If I use some of the developer kit in a commercial project, would I have to release the source for the entire thing (like with GPL), just the portion of the app that uses it (like with LGPL) or merely provide credit (like with BSD)?

Thanks for the wonderful library :)